Various Artists - Letters To God (2010)

01. Letters to God: Main Title (Original Score) (Colin O'Malley)
02. Dear Mr. God (The Warren Brothers)
03. A Beautiful End (J.R. Richards)
04. Tyler's Letters (Original Score) (Colin O'Malley)
05. Have You Met Jesus (Regeneration)
06. Everything Is Beautiful (Anne Marie Boskovich)
07. You Give Me Hope (Acoustic) (Ryan Kirkland)
08. Hope Now (Addison Road)
09. Letters On the Altar (Original Score) (Colin O'Malley)
10. Throw Me a Line (Michael Gleason)
11. The Water's Edge (Aaron Barnhart)
12. The Great Daduska (Original Score) (Colin O'Malley)
13. Hold Out Your Hands (Original Score) (Colin O'Malley)
14. We Can Try (Between the Trees)
15. Bracelet (Original Score) (Colin O'Malley)
16. Amazing Grace (Wintley Phipps)
17. You Are Everything (Matthew West)
18. Take a Little Time (Jeremy Camp)
19. Come Around (Stars Go Dim)
20. He Is Alive (Paul Colman)
21. You Give Me Hope (Between the Trees)
22. We Need Each Other (Sanctus Real)
23. Everything Is Beautiful (Due West)

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