KJ 52 - Five Two Television (2009)

01 Five-Two Television (Intro)
02 Adventures Of Tweezyman
03 End Of My Rope
04 The Chris Carlino Story Day One (Interlude)
05 Headline News At 5 (Feat. Theory Hazit)
06 He Did That
07 Let\'s Go (Feat. Trevor McNevan Of Thousand Foot Krutch)
08 The Chris Carlino Story Week Two (Interlude)
09 Are You Online
10 Calling You (Feat. J.R.)
11 Headline News At 11 (Feat. Braille)
12 Picture
13 Shake It Off
14 Gonna Be Alright (Five Two Television Album Version)
15 Help Me Change
16 Swagged Out With Tags Out (Feat. Da\' T.R.U.T.H.)
17 The Chris Carlino Story Week Four (Interlude)
18 Fuego (Feat. Funky)
19 Tweezy Dance
20 Let It Go
21 Firestarter (Feat. Manwell And Blanca Reyes Of Group 1 Crew)
22 Broken People
23 The Chris Carlino Story Week Five (Interlude)
24 Dear God

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